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About Us

Helena Private Skincare Studio specializing in unique skin therapy treatments designed for today's busy professionals.

Helena Private Skincare Studio offers a steadfast dedication to quality while providing visible, long-lasting results through the combination of the latest technology and time efficient treatments so that all skin types and tones can be safely treated. Providing detailed information and educating clients about techniques used are key components to Helena Private Skincare Studio dedication to developing strong relationships with clients. Helena Private Skincare Studio is dedicated to treating the whole person, not just their face.

Through the use of specialized skincare treatments, clients can relax as they experience skincare that is not only time efficient but also provides long lasting, pain-free, and immediate results with improvements that continue after repeat services. Recognizing the busy schedule of today's professionals, we address skin care in the most effective manner while still paying attention to detail and comfort of our clients. Our nonabrasive procedures leave your skin healthy-looking, soft, smooth, and youthful.
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Meet Helena...

Helena Collins, spa owner and celebrity facials, is interested in not only improving skins's health but also getting to know her clients. Her knowledge and passion concerning skin care is what helps make Helena Jones Private Skincare Studio unique. As a wife, mother, and business owner, Helena understands the hectic lifestyle of many professionals. Therefore, she set out to create a relaxing, restorative spa designed to refresh not only the skin but the entire body. Helens is a licensed esthetician and takes pride in both her professionalism and knowledge concerning all areas of skin care therapy. Her more than ten years of experience working in the industry has helped refine her expertise and dedication to the industry.

As a therapist, Helena is concerned with the whole person. That is, she is interested in more than just outside appearances but instead takes into account the lifestyle, health, and wellbeing of her clients. As a skin car therapist, she has undergone education from an aesthetics perspective in order to gain knowledge about both skin and treatment options. Helena's training as a skin therapist means that she bases her choices of procedures and treatments pn her clients specific needs while drawing on her knowledge of both produces and their ingredients. Her application of skin therapy techniques allows her to restore balance to the skin while choosing treatment that are most beneficial for the client.

Recent Reviews

"Had a wonderful chemical peel at Helena Jones Private Studio. Fantastic Technicians."
~ Chris, Greenville, SC

"One of the best facials I've had in a very long time."
~ Jane, Greer, SC