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Client Reviews

Mary davis

"I have been a client of Helena for 10 years. All of her facials are relaxing. Helena is amazing and does amazing treatments. The setting and music is relaxing, the treatment room is so welcoming and the table was comfortable and has a warm effect to it! I didn’t want my facials to end."

Mary Davis
Fountain Inn, SC
Peggy williams

"I went to Helena Jones Private Studio for a facial with Helena and it was wonderful! She was very attentive to my specific needs and took her time to explain the products and all the steps she was doing. My skin was glowing when I left; I took a dozen selfies in my car to send to all my friends."

Peggy Williams
Simpsonville, SC
Gayle wafrock

Helena has been my Esthetician for over eight years, and I would not consider going to anyone else. From my first appointment, I felt I could trust her. Her knowledge and experience in the field of Esthetics is extensive. I was impressed to find out that she custom-designs treatments for each client. The techniques and products she uses have significantly improved the appearance and feel of my sun-damaged complexion. The one time I stopped my regular maintenance appointments, it didn’t take long to notice the age spots, dryness and uneven skin tones developing.

Recently, Helena recommended that I see my dermatologist to have one particular area of sun damage checked. It’s not something I would have noticed on my own, because it looked like any other age spot to me. As it turned out, the dermatologist removed it, saying that it may be basal cells and referring to it as a possible pre-cancer. Especially because of location (my face), I am extremely grateful for Helena mentioning it and urging me to have it checked out.

Beyond Helena’s level of knowledge and experience, I highly recommend her because of her wonderful “bedside manner”.  There is a soothing aura about her. If I am under stress when I arrive at an appointment, I can count on leaving it behind by the time my treatment is finished.  She consistently provides me with the highest level of service.

Helena is passionate about her work and the field of Esthetics. She has a hunger and thirst for knowledge and strives for excellence in all that she does.

Gayle Wafrock